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Nishanta “Nishi” Rajakaruna

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Graduate Students (2017 Fall-)

Paul Excoffier

Paul’s CV

Paul’s ProjectSeed Longevity and Climate Tolerance of San Joaquin Woolly Threads (Monolopia congdonii)


Undergraduate Students (2017 Fall-)

Christopher Howington (Senior, Environmental Earth and Soil Sciences)

Project: Study of nickel hyperaccumulation as a mechanism for drought tolerance in Streptanthus polygaloides of the Western Sierra Nevada Range


Peter Walsh (Sophomore, Biology)

Project: Influence of heavy metals, water stress and other abiotic conditions on anthocyanin content in the sepals of Streptanthus polygoloides



Anthony Ferrero (Sophomore, Microbiology)

Project: Is metal hyperaccumulation in Streptanthus polygaloides influenced by mycorrhizae and other soil microbes?


Samuel Farrow  (Junior, Biological Sciences)

Project: Local adaptation to substrate in common California shrubs; Local adaptation to soils in Lasthenia and Layia spp.










Gabriella Orta (Senior, Environmental Management and Protection)

Project: Post-fire seedling recruitment and regeneration on serpentine and metavolcanic soils at Poly Canyon


Michael Bridgeman (Freshman, Environmental Earth and Soil Sciences)

Project: The role of abiotic factors on the capsaicin content in Capsicum (chile pepper) spp.


Zach Raposo (Sophomore, Environmental Earth and Soil Science [Geology concentration])

Project: Biotic factors of ‘extreme’ regolith that can potentially be utilized for mineral exploration, phytoremediation, and terraforming concepts












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